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Would you kill to protect your family?

About Third Born:

Set in the middle ages, Third Born is a narrative game that deals with morality and family. It pulls from real historical events and places you in the position of a ruler trying to reclaim your family’s stolen kingdom. The journey you go through is a fun and meaningful experience in which you’ll develop strong connections with the dynamic cast of characters.

Gameplay centers on issues that are brought to your court. Each of your five siblings offers a proposal unique to their personality and expertise. It’s your job to select one proposal and live with the consequences. In your position, choices are rarely black and white.

Your playthrough will shape itself according to your decisions. Even something as simple as how you speak to a servant will change how the world reacts to you.

With the fate of two kingdoms resting on your shoulders, family may be the only thing preventing you from losing your humanity.

Will you pick the greater good or your own desires?

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When there’s no way to save everyone, how do you choose who has to die?

About Platform19:

We are a small indie studio created by Johnny Delgado whose purpose is to make games that evoke strong emotions in players. Both of our games strive to do this in different ways.

Third Born creates an almost unsettling introspection. If players come away with a new perspective on morality, how others view the world, or the costs of leadership, we’ve done our job.

Our first game, Elemental Assassin, lets players experience a magical power fantasy through its VR earth-bending system. The mechanics, inspired by Avatar the Last Airbender, let players manipulate the earth itself. It is a short fast-paced action infiltration game available here for free!

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Does being forced to make horrible sacrifices mean you’re evil?


Johnny Delgado - Game Design, Writing, Programming

Sherry D. - Visual Art

Enzo Dinh - Writing and Animation Intern

QA Testing and Editing
Gamaliel De La Torre
Jimmy D.
Sofia Delgado
Christopher D.
Kelly D.
Benjamin Edelman
Alex Frank
Emerson H.
Izabelle M.
Keith Peer
Alika Williams


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the second part was good


loved the demo but wish it was fully released

Thanks! We're still a long way from finishing the game completely, but updates should roll out much faster now. You can play turn 2 today, and we expect to have turn 3 ready in the next couple weeks!




I really enjoyed the demo thankyou very much; I particularly liked the way different characters give you their opinions and feel luke they have identities of their own; beautiful style of art too.

I'm so glad you enjoyed it! Our artist works really hard on the watercolors and we all love them too! Those differences of opinion you mentioned are really at the heart of what Third Born is about.

I hope you stick with us on this journey and check out our next demo which will include turn 2. It should be out in the coming weeks! I'd love to hear what you think of it!